The following document outlines the main principles, concepts and tools within GeoInstinct Survey OFFICE (GISO).

Document Conventions

NOTES are something of special interest.  They should be remembered.
  1. All menu and command options will be in inverted commas, with the main menu title appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS. 
  2. All actions required by you, will be indented and appear in italics.
  3. There will be a heading at the top right of the instructions describing the aim of the exercise.
  4. Follow these exact instructions to achieve the proper results.
An example might be:
  1. Action Identifier Table Heading
  2. From 'MODEL Tab > Join str'
  3. Pick the two strings from the graphic model

Installation & Setup

GeoInstinct Survey OFFICE installation media is available from the GeoInstinct website.  Full installations or upgrade files are available for installation. If the user has a previous version of GISO installed the user can choose to update current version using an update file.
In cases when the GeoInstinct Survey OFFICE version on the PC / Laptop is several version behind current release, the user is advised to uninstall previous versions within Settings > Apps, and then install the latest releases. 
  1. To Install GISO from link
  2. Plug the GISO hardware lock (dongle) into the USB port if a dongle is being used.  Node lock and network license options are available.
  3. Download Full installation file from link
  4. Once downloaded, right click on file and select 'Run As Administrator'
  5. Follow prompts installing in the default location
  6. The hardware lock driver will also install.
  7. Select Finish
  8. Run GISO, either by double clicking on the GISO icon 
If the user wishes to update follow the steps above but download a Update file.
If you have GISO already installed on your computer, backup your existing GISO directory and any sub-directories off it. 
Before performing any operations in GISO, it is important to ensure directories and external links are setup correctly.  It is sufficient to set up these links once.

Directories & Files

GeoInstinct Survey OFFICE can have direct links to a text editor, CAD and/or MX.  Having a link to a CAD system or MX will mean that when exporting a model, the CAD system or MX will open automatically and the drawing will be generated in that program.

The Executable files, Projects and Temporary files directory will be filled in automatically during installation.  If the default settings differ from yours ensure you change them to correspond to your specific directory structure.

Notepad++ is used as the default Text Editor.  No path directory has to be entered in this option, simply type the word NOTEPAD.  Any time any reports are edited they will be presented in the Text Editor.  Having a link to a CAD system or MX will mean that when exporting an GISO model or section, to either CAD or MX, they will be automatically opened and the drawing generated in that system.
  1. Go to ‘DATA tab > Settings >  General Options > Directories and Files’ panel
  2. Check and see that the executable files directory is correct.
  3. If you have installed GISO in a directory other than the default, type in the correct path to this directory.
  4. Check and see that the projects directory is correct. This should normally be the same directory as the executable file directory.
  5. Make sure that the temporary directory stated exists.  If not create this directory.
  6. Select the path to your CAD executable file.
  7. Identify the text editor you wish to use for GISO generated reports. 
GISO uses Notepad++ as its default Text Editor.  This link will be automatically set during installation. GISO generates reports for some functions it carries out, such as traverse reduction, adjustment and volume calculation. If you choose to edit/view these reports while GISO is running the selected editor will display the report.

It is also possible to change the background colour of GISO from this panel as well as the screen colours themselves as colours that are visible on a white background may be less visible on a black background.

Module Licences

Maintenance codes will be specific to your dongle number/node lock number and the expiry date. 10 days before your maintenance is due to expire, a reminder message will be displayed on opening the program. This message will be displayed until the maintenance has been renewed.
  1. Go to  ‘DATA tab > Settings >  General Options’
  2. Select the ‘Module Licenses’ panel
  3. Ensure you have the entered the correct maintenance code and maintenance expiry date.
To install Maintenance Codes and Expiry Date:
  1. Go to ‘DATA tab > Settings >  General Options’
  2. Within the 'System Variables' dialog box go to 'Module Licenses'
  3. Enter Maintenance Code 2 and Maintenance Expiry Date
  4. Select 'Purchase Maintenance'
  5. A black correct symbol should appear in the box beside 'Maintenance Enabled'
To install Maintenance Codes and Expiry Date Using License Text File:
  1. Close GISO
  2. Place license file into \GISO folder
  3. Double click on GISO icon and open GISO
  4. A message will appear to detail the file has been loaded. 

Units & Data Checking

During the download procedure, GISO also range checks every field against a user definable range of values.  Any exceptions are reported to the log file, and optionally to screen during the download process. The log file also includes any other potential errors relating to the input data, reduction, adjustment and subsequent analysis.  
  1. Go to ‘DATA tab > Settings >  General Options> Units & Data Checking’ panel 
  2. Select the type of ‘Input Range Checking’, ‘Error Reporting Method’ and ‘Error Reporting Detail’ options you prefer.
  3. You may also set the ‘Undo’ facility in this panel but remember that the more undo levels you select, the more memory taken.
The level of detail included in the log file is also user definable, ranging from minimal to full diagnostic. When run in diagnostic mode, GISO will also log all intermediate computational results to the log file for QA purposes, such as matrix dumps in least squares analysis or transformation, triangulation computations during modelling, etc…  This can prove an invaluable tool both for support, and when attempting to track down a complex data related error or query.

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